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To Be GoldenMorning Agent

Shenzhen GoldenMorning Electronic Co., Ltd. is a premier manufacturer specializing in high-quality TFT and OLED displays. With over 25 years of production experience, it offers a wide range of products.

At GoldenMorning, we take pride in our global recognition for producing cutting-edge displays. Our products are celebrated worldwide for their superior performance and innovative designs, making us a trusted choice in various markets, including consumer electronics, industrial applications, and more.

Our TFT and OLED displays are Renowned for their vibrant colors, crisp images, and unmatched durability. They epitomize visual appeal, reliability, and cutting-edge technology. Choosing GoldenMorning displays means choosing unparalleled performance and aesthetics.

What sets our displays apart is the meticulous attention to detail and advanced technology we incorporate into each product.

We offer custom display solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our expert team is ready to create personalized solutions.

As we expand our global reach, we are eager to partner with agents worldwide to represent GoldenMorning. By joining us, you will obtain access to a wide range of high-quality displays at competitive prices and experience our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and support tailored to your needs.

Agent Opportunities:


  • Minimum order quantity: 40-foot containers, at least ten containers per year.
  • There are no minimum order requirements for individual items.
  • Annual discounts are based on total orders.
  • Fast shipping: 10-20 days.

Retail Stores:

  • Minimum order quantity: 20-foot containers per order.
  • There are no minimum order requirements for individual products.
  • Fast shipping: 10-15 days.

Online Store Owners and Bloggers:

  • Specializing in drop-shipping services in the North America& Europe.
  • Fast shipping: 10-15 days.

Becoming a GoldenMorning agent will unlock benefits, from our competitive wholesale prices and quick turnaround times to our dedicated support. Your success is our success, and we are ready to provide top-tier products and comprehensive assistance to make it happen.


Discover the perfect OLED display for your project! Fill out our quick questionnaire and unlock vibrant visuals, exceptional performance, and endless possibilities. Let’s create together!