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3.97 inch TFT display 480×800 ST7701 GMT397-01

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What is ST7701?

The ST7701 is a versatile and powerful System-on-Chip (SOC) driver LSI tailored for small and medium-sized TFT LCD displays, offering remarkable capabilities for visual applications. With a capacity to support resolutions of up to 480RGBX864, this LSI eliminates the need for additional RAM, streamlining the transmission of graphic data. The 480-channel source driver boasts genuine 8-bit resolution, utilizing an internal D/A converter to generate a comprehensive range of 256 Gamma-corrected values. Notably, the ST7701 operates efficiently with a low IO interface power supply, showcasing its commitment to energy conservation. Its integrated charge pumps enable the generation of diverse voltage levels, constituting an on-chip power management system catering to both gate driver and source driver needs. Equipped with a built-in timing controller, the ST7701 caters to a wide array of system interfaces, including MIPI, RGB, and SPI, making it adaptable for various medium and small-sized portable display requirements. Additionally, the ST7701 incorporates a dynamic backlight control function, responding intelligently to the displayed image content. This feature enhances power control and contributes to overall energy efficiency, aligning with modern standards of sustainability. In summary, the ST7701 stands as a robust and flexible SOC driver LSI, perfectly suited for an extensive range of applications, from handheld devices to portable displays, offering superior performance, power management, and interface versatility.

3.97″  262K TFT

Diagonal Screen Size3.97inch
Model numberGMT397-01
Outline dimension55.64mm×94.10mm×2.4mm
Active area51.84mm×86.4mm
Pixel pitch0.108mm×0.108mm
Driver ICST7701
Operating temperature-20~70℃
Storge Temperature-30~80℃

Drawing(3.97″ TFT)

Drawing(3.97 inch TFT)

Pin Assignment(3.97″TFT,Pins:40P)

Pin Assignment(3.97 inch TFT,Pins 40P)

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