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1.54 inch TFT display 240×240 ST7789T3 GMT154-02

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What is ST7789T3?

Positioned as a remarkable single-chip controller/driver, the ST7789T3 is purpose-built to orchestrate the vivid display of 262K colors on graphic-type TFT-LCDs. With its formidable architecture, encompassing 720 source lines and 320 gate line driving circuits, it meticulously delivers stunning visual clarity. Moreover, this versatile chip seamlessly interfaces with external microprocessors, accommodating 8-bit, 9-bit, 16-bit, or 18-bit parallel interfaces, ensuring flexibility in connectivity. Notably, its internal display data RAM, boasting a robust capacity of 240x320x18 bits, facilitates efficient and rapid read/write operations while minimizing the need for external operation clocks, effectively conserving power. Furthermore, the ST7789T3 integrates an essential power supply circuit for driving liquid crystal displays, streamlining the component count required for constructing a display system, thus emphasizing simplicity and efficiency in design. The ST7789T3 emerges as an invaluable component for applications demanding vivid and intricate graphics, offering not only a rich and immersive visual experience but also the convenience of streamlined power management. This makes it the preferred choice for a wide array of display solutions across diverse industries, ensuring both visual excellence and operational efficiency.

1.54″ 262K  TFT

Diagonal Screen Size1.54inch
Model numberGMT154-02
Outline dimension31.52mm×33.72mm×1.96mm
Active area27.72mm×27.72mm
DOT pitch0.115mmx0.115mm
Driver ICST7789T3
Operating temperature-20℃~70℃
Storge Temperature-30℃~80℃

Drawing(1.54″ TFT)

Drawing(1.54 inch TFT)

Pin Assignment(1.54″TFT,Pins:15P)

Pin Assignment(1.54 inch TFT,Pins 15P)

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