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3.5 inch TFT Module 320×480 ST7796U GMT035-21

Product Overview:GMT035-21, a 3.5-inch TFT LCD Module with a vivid 320×480 resolution and the versatile ST7796U controller. This display redefines visual excellence, offering seamless integration, vibrant color rendering, and robust performance from -20°C to 70°C. It’s your canvas for creativity, delivering precision and innovation in every pixel.

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the ST7796U is a display controller IC (Integrated Circuit) commonly used in TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) modules. It is responsible for controlling the display’s operation, including rendering images and handling communication between the microcontroller and the display panel.

The ST7796U offers features like high-resolution support, fast refresh rates, and versatile interface options (usually SPI or parallel). It’s commonly used in various applications, including portable devices, industrial displays, and consumer electronics, where TFT LCDs are preferred for their color accuracy and performance.

3.5″  RGB   TFT

Diagonal Screen Size3.5inch
Model numberGMT035-21(NO touch)
Outline dimension56.60mm×98.20mm×1.80mm
Active area48.96mm×73.44mm
Pixel pitch0.175mm×0.175mm
Pixel size0.219mm×0.219mm
Driver ICST7796U
Operating temperature-20~70℃
Storge Temperature-30~80℃

Drawing(3.5″ TFT)

Drawing(3.5 inch TFT)

Pin Assignment(3.5″TFT,Pins:34P)

Pin Assignment(3.5 inch TFT,Pins 34P)


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