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3.37 inch oled 240×128 SSD1322 GME240128-02 Yellow on Black

Model 1:GME240128-01 White on Black

Model 2:GME240128-02 Yellow on Black

Model 3:GME240128-03 Green on Black

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Short Description

The GME240128-01 OLED 3.37 is a passive matrix micro OLED display module comprising 240X128 dots. With module dimensions of 89.52 × 54.41 × 2.05 mm and an Active Area size of 75.58 × 40.30 mm, this OLED microdisplay is equipped with an SSD1322 IC, supporting both Parallel and Serial interfaces, with a 2.4-3.5V power supply. It features a COG structure OLED display, characterized by its ultra-thin profile and self-emitting capability, eliminating the need for a backlight. Additionally, it boasts lightweight construction and low power consumption. This 3.37-inch small-sized OLED module is ideally suited for wearable devices, MP3 players, portable devices, personal care appliances, voice recorder pens, health devices, and more. Operating temperatures range from -40℃ to +80℃, with storage temperatures ranging from -40℃ to +85℃.

Product Parameter

Diagonal Screen Size3.37inch
Model numberGME240128-01
Resolutions240 × 128
Outline dimension89.52 x 54.41×2.05mm
Active area75.58 x 40.30mm
Pixel pitch0.315 x 0.315 mm
Pixel size0.290 x 0.290 mm
Driver ICSSD1322
Interface8 bit Parallel, 4-wire SPI, I2C
Operating temperature-40~+80
Storge Temperature-40~+85

Drawing(3.37 inch oled)

Drawing(3.37 inch oled)

Pin Assignment(3.37″ oled,Pins:15P)

Pin Assignment(3.37 inch oled,Pins 15P)

Datasheet GME240128-01/GME240128-02/GME240128-03


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