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3.12 inch oled 256×64 SSD1322 GME25664-19 Green on Black

Model 1:GME25664-16 White on Black

Model 2:GME25664-17 Blue on Black

Model 3:GME25664-18 Yellow on Black

Model 4: GME25664-19 Green on Black

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Product Sample Video

Short Description

This 256×64 resolution graphic OLED display offers high-contrast viewing with vibrant white, yellow, or green graphics against a deep black background. Utilizing OLED display technology, it is self-illuminating and engineered to provide optimal visibility and easy readability from any angle, even in diverse environments. Rapid response times ensure seamless performance. This passive-matrix display is equipped with 6800/8080 serial or parallel interface options and is fully compatible with Arduino, facilitating integration into various electronic systems for versatile applications. Operating with low power consumption, it prioritizes energy efficiency.

Engineered to withstand extreme operating conditions, the GME25664-16 model excels in a temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. It has a built-in SSD1322 controller and requires a 2.8-3.6V power supply. It is entirely RoHS compliant, underscoring its environmental friendliness and adherence to international standards.

Product Parameter

Diagonal Screen Size3.12inch/3.2inch
Model numberGME25664-19
Resolutions256 × 64
Outline dimension88.00 × 27.80 × 2.00mm
Active area76.78 × 19.18mm
Pixel pitch0.30 × 0.30 mm
Pixel size0.28 × 0.28 mm
Driver ICSSD1322
Interface8 bit Parallel, 4-wire SPI
Operating temperature-40~85℃
Storge Temperature-40~90℃

Drawing(3.12 inch oled)

Drawing(3.12 inch oled)

Pin Assignment(Pins:30P)

Pin Assignment(Pins 30P)

Display Test Code

Serial 8-pin module reference code

Parallel 16-pin module reference code

Datasheet GME25664-19(16/17/18)


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