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2.08 inch oled 256×64 SH1122 GME25664-65

500000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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What is SH1122?

A pioneering single-chip CMOS OLED/PLED driver, the SH1122, is at the forefront of controller technology for organic and polymer light-emitting diode dot-matrix graphic displays. This versatile powerhouse encompasses a remarkable array of features, with 256 segments and 64 commons infused with 16 grayscale shades, capable of delivering a stunning maximum display resolution of 256 X 64. Uniquely tailored for Common Cathode type OLED panels, the SH1122 integrates an array of functionalities that streamline both design and performance. Its standout features include built-in contrast control, display RAM, oscillator, and an efficient DC-DC converter. This integration significantly reduces the need for external components while effectively curbing power consumption. As a result, the SH1122 shines brightest in the realm of compact, portable applications. From enhancing the visual appeal of car audio systems to finding utility in the humble calculator, its versatility knows no bounds. As a reliable and energy-efficient choice, the SH1122 has firmly established itself as the go-to solution for various compact, portable applications across diverse industries. Its ability to deliver both intricate graphics and efficient power management makes it a sought-after component in the realm of visual displays, promising a blend of performance and innovation that continues to define modern display technology.

2.08″ white oled 

Diagonal Screen Size2.08" Inch zoll 208 Oled Display screen
Model numberGME25664-65
Driver ICSH1122
Color typeMonochrome
Pins16-level grayscale
Outline dimension(mm)62.5x20.6x1.6
Active area(mm)51.18x12.78
Operating temperature-40~70℃
Storge Temperature-40~85℃

Drawing(2.08″ oled)

Drawing(2.08 inch)

Pin Assignment(2.08″oled,Pins:24P)

Pin Assignment(2.08″oled,Pins:24P)

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