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1.3 inch oled 128×64 CH1116G-SH1106 GME12864-70

Model 1:GME12864-70 White on Black-Soldering

Model 2:GME12864-71 Blue on Black-Soldering

Model 3:GME12864-72 White on Black-Connector

Model 4:GME12864-73 Blue on Black-Connector

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The GME12864-70/71 is a compact 1.3-inch OLED display that is both small and efficient. Its high contrast and 128×64 white OLED pixels ensure super readability, with each pixel individually controlled by a chip. The display’s self-illuminating feature eliminates the need for a backlight, saving power and delivering a sharp, high-contrast look.

The CH1116G driver chip offers three versatile communication methods: 8-bit Parallel, 3-/4-wire SPI, and I2C. The display operates on a 3.3V power supply and requires 3.3V logic levels for communication. It can also function seamlessly within a voltage range of 2.8V to 3.6V, making it adaptable to a wide range of systems.

The GME12864-70/71, made up of 128×64 white pixels, operates as a 1.3-inch graphic OLED display. The CH1116G controller IC communicates via 8-bit Parallel (6800/8080) and I2C/3-wire/4-wire serial interfaces. Thanks to the controller’s built-in voltage generation, it only needs a single 3.3V power supply. The display generates its own light, so it doesn’t need a backlight. This design saves power, offers high contrast, provides a wide viewing angle, and supports a broad operating temperature range.

Designed for soldering, the GME12864-70/71 OLED display does not require a connector. It’s easy to control with microcontrollers like 8051, PIC, AVR, ARDUINO, ARM, and Raspberry Pi. This versatility makes it ideal for various applications, including embedded systems, industrial devices, security equipment, medical devices, and handheld gadgets.

CH1116 Common Driver with Controller

The CH1116 is a single-chip CMOS OLED/PLED driver with an integrated controller for dot-matrix graphic display systems using organic/polymer light-emitting diodes. It supports a maximum display resolution of 132 x 64, with 132 segments and 64 commons, and it is compatible with Common Cathode type OLED panels. The CH1116 features embedded contrast control, display RAM, an oscillator, and an efficient DC-DC converter. This design minimizes the need for external components and lowers power consumption. Consequently, the CH1116 performs optimally, making it ideal for compact portable devices, including sub-displays for mobile phones, calculators, and MP3 players.

1.3 inch oled

Diagonal Screen Size1.3inch
Model numberGME12864-70/GME12864-71
Outline dimension34.5mmx23mmx1.4mm
Active area29.42mmx14.7mm
Pixel pitch0.23mm × 0.23mm
Pixel size0.21mm× 0.21mm
Driver ICCH1116G/SH1106
Interface8-bit Parallel,
3-/4-wire SPI, I2C
Operating temperature-20~70℃
Storge Temperature-30~80℃

Datasheet GME12864-70

Interfacing and Demo Code-GME12864-70/71

1.3 oled Code


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