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1.09 inch OLED 64×128 CH1115 GME64128-09

500000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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CH1115 represents a sophisticated single-chip CMOS OLED/PLED driver, skillfully engineered to serve as a controller for organic/polymer light-emitting diode dot-matrix graphic display systems. The key specifications of CH1115 include its capacity to manage 128 segments and 64 commons, rendering support for a maximum display resolution of 128×64 pixels. Specifically tailored for Common Cathode type OLED panels, this component excels in delivering precise control over OLED displays.
CH1115 boasts a comprehensive feature set that encompasses contrast control, display RAM, and an integrated oscillator, strategically designed to minimize external component requirements and reduce power consumption. Noteworthy is its provision for 256-step brightness control. Data and commands flow seamlessly from a host microcontroller unit (MCU) via a flexible interface selection mechanism, offering compatibility with 6800/8080 series Parallel Interface, I2C, or Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).
In practical terms, CH1115 finds its niche in a diverse array of compact, portable applications. These encompass mobile phone sub-displays, MP3 players, calculators, and similar devices. Its pivotal role lies in driving and controlling OLED displays, orchestrating an impressive display of graphical and textual content. In summary, CH1115 emerges as a formidable solution, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge OLED display capabilities into an array of sophisticated electronic products.

1.09”white oled 


Diagonal Screen Size1.09inch
Model numberGME64128-09
Outline dimension14.00mm×31.96mm×1.22mm
Active area10.86mm×25.58mm
Pixel pitch0.17mm×0.20mm
Pixel size0.15mm×0.18mm
Driver ICCH1115
Operating temperature-20~70℃
Storge Temperature-30~80℃

Drawing(1.09″ oled)

Drawing(1.09 oled)


Pin Assignment(1.09″oled,Pins:15P)

Pin Assignment(1.09 oled,Pins 15P)


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