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0.87 Inch OLED 128×32 SSD1316 GME12832-01

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The GME12832-01 is a 128×32 white OLED display with a 0.87-inch diagonal. It uses the SSD1316 controller and communicates via I2C, requiring a 2.8~3.6V power supply. Its high contrast, wide viewing angle, and significant operating temperature negate the need for a backlight. The FPC is soldered directly to your PCB.

This display is compatible with various MCUs, including 8051, PIC, AVR, ARDUINO, ARM, and Raspberry Pi, making it suitable for embedded systems, industrial, security, medical, and handheld devices. It is less than 1.3mm thick, offering a clear view from all directions and superior to mono LCD displays.

The GME12832-01 is available in white, with customizable FPC designs in shape, length, and pin numbers. Its flexibility makes it ideal for products like smartwatches, industrial devices, smart homes, and intelligence door systems.

SSD1316 Driver with Controller

The SSD1316 is a single-chip CMOS driver with a controller designed explicitly for OLED/PLED dot-matrix graphic display systems. It supports 128 segments and 39 commons and is tailored for OLED panels that use a Common Cathode configuration, where the cathodes of all the LEDs are connected together.

This IC integrates essential features like contrast control, display RAM, and an oscillator, minimizing the need for external components and reducing power consumption. It offers a 256-step brightness control. Data and commands are transmitted from a general MCU via a hardware-selectable 6800/8080 series Parallel Interface, I2C interface, or Serial Peripheral Interface. The SSD1316 is not just ideal, but highly versatile for a wide range of compact portable applications, including mobile phone sub-displays, MP3 players, Bluetooth headsets, and medical devices.

0.87 Inch OLED Display

Diagonal Screen Size0.87inch
Model numberGME12832-01
Outline dimension29.0 × 8.7 × 1.2mm
Active area21.356 × 5.324mm
Pixel pitch0.167 × 0.167mm
Pixel size0.147 × 0.147mm
Driver ICSSD1316
Operating temperature-40~85℃
Storge Temperature-40~85℃



Pin Assignment

Pin Assignment(2.05 oled,Pins31P)

GME12832-01 Datasheet


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