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0.83 inch oled 96×39 SSD1306 GME9639-01 White on Black

Model 1: GME9639-01 :White on Black

Model 2:GME9639-02:Blue on Black

Key features:

  • 0.83-inch OLED display with 96×39 dots
  • Available in white and blue colors
  • Wide viewing angle for enhanced visibility

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The GME9639-01 OLED 0.83 display module is a compact and versatile solution for various applications. It features 96×39 individual white OLED pixels on a 0.83-inch diagonal and offers unique advantages.

The controller, ic SSD1306, facilitates seamless communication via an 8080 4-bit/8-bit parallel and I2C/4-wire serial interface, providing specific benefits. With the controller’s built-in voltage generation, only a single 2.8-3.6V power supply is required. Additionally, the self-illuminating feature eliminates the need for a backlight, reducing power consumption while enhancing contrast and viewing angles.

The module’s soldering-type FPC eliminates the need for a connector, simplifying integration onto your PCB. Compatible with various MCUs, including 8051, PIC, AVR, ARDUINO, ARM, and Raspberry Pi, this module offers adaptability for diverse applications.

Constructed with a passive matrix micro OLED display of 96×39 dots and built-in SSD1306 IC, it supports an I2C interface and operates on a 2.8V-3.6V power supply. Its COG structure ensures an ultra-thin design with no backlight, making it lightweight and energy-efficient.

Available in both white and blue colors, with a wide viewing angle, the GME9639-01 OLED 0.83 display module is suitable for wearable devices, MP3 players, portable devices, personal care appliances, voice recorder pens, health devices, and more. Operating temperatures range from -40℃ to +70℃, with storage temperatures from -40℃ to +80℃.

0.83 inch OLED Display

Diagonal Screen Size0.83 inch oled display screen
Model numberGME9639-01
Outline dimension23.8x16.2x1.3mm
Active area19.372x7.858mm
Pixel pitch0.202x0.202mm
Pixel size0.182x0.182mm
Driver ICSSD1306
Interface8-bit Parallel,3-/4-wire SPI,I2C
Operating temperature-40~70℃
Storge Temperature-40~80℃

Drawing(0.83 inch oled)

Drawing(0.83 inch)

Pin Assignment(Pins:28P)

Pin Assignment(Pins 28P)

0.83 inch 96*39 Pixels OLED Display Panel Datasheet

Interfacing and Demo Code-GME9639-01

96×39 SSD1306 GME9639-01 Program

0.83 Inch OLED Display Test Code.c


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