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0.66 inch OLED 64×48 SSD1315 GME6448-01

Model 1: GME6448-01 8-bit Parallel,4-wire SPI, IIC/Soldering/28P

Model 2:GME6448-02 4-wire SPI/Connector/20P

GME6448-01 is supplied with a digital voltage, 2.8V up to 3.6V DC, and interfaces with external Arduino boards through the 8080 4-bit Parallel, 8080 8-bit Parallel, I2C, 4 Wire Serial SPI interfaces. This 0.49 OLED is equipped with a 28-pin flat cable. Also, OLED displays have the best image quality ever, with bright and crisp dots that can easily be seen, and any tiny fonts are genuinely readable. Thus, this small display can be used in wearable devices, MP3 players, portable devices, personal care appliances, voice recorders, pens, smart health devices, etc.

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GoldenMorning GME6448-01 is a mini OLED screen display of 64×48 pixels with a diagonal size of only 0.66 inches. The GME6448-01, with its outline dimension of 18.46 × 18.10 mm and AA size 13.42 × 10.06 mm, is a versatile display that can be used in various applications. It is built with SSD1306 controller IC and communicates via 6800/8080 8-bit Parallel, I2C, and 4-wire serial interface. The GME6448-01 is a mini COG OLED display that is ultra-thin (only 1.3 mm), lightweight, and has low power consumption. It is suitable for wearable devices, providing a clear and vibrant display for health monitoring or fitness tracking. It is also ideal for MP3 players, offering a compact yet high-resolution screen for easy navigation. The GME6448-01’s low power consumption for portable devices ensures longer battery life. Personal care appliances can display vital information or settings. For voice recorder pens, it can show recording status or playback information. Smart health devices can display health data or notifications.

The GME6448-01 mini OLED display module is designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -40℃ to +80℃, making it suitable for use in diverse environments. Its storage temperatures range from -40℃ to +85℃, ensuring the display’s longevity even in extreme conditions. This robustness is a testament to the quality and durability of the GME6448-01. Please contact our sales rep for any further information, such as samples or a quotation.

GME6448-01 OLED Display 0.66″ (SSD1306) may have a smaller screen than other OLED displays like OLED Display 0.96″ (SSD1315), but it doesn’t compromise on performance. It can still display with 64×48 resolution and maintain high brightness, low power consumption, and other top-notch performance features.

The GME6448-01 mini OLED display module is designed with ease of use in mind. You can simply use the I2C interface to light up the display with your microcontroller and display words, images, or whatever you want. Its 0.66″ display screen is perfect for showing information in a smaller place, making it ideal for use as an Arduino OLED display, Raspberry Pi PLED display, and more. This compatibility with popular development boards allows for easy integration into various projects, making the GME6448-01 a versatile choice for developers and makers.

GME6448-01 is a 0.66-inch monochrome graphic-oled display made with 64×48 pixels. This 64×48 OLED screen size is 0.66 inches in diagonal. The 0.66-inch OLED display is passive matrix micro OLED display. The controller IC is an SSD1306, 0.66″ OLED screen that supports parallel,4-wire SPI, I2C interface, and a 2.8-3.6V power supply. The 0.66 oled is a COG (Chip-On-Glass) structure OLED panel; this unique structure allows the OLED to emit light by itself, eliminating the need for a backlight. This results in low power consumption and high contrast, making the display more efficient and readable. OLED 0.66″ GME6448-01 module can operate at temperatures from -40℃ to +80℃; storage temperatures are from -40℃ to +85℃. The OLED 0.66 64×48 dots are often used for smartwatches, MP3s, functional cellphones, portable health devices, and many other applications.

0.66 OLED Display Board is 0.66 inches with a resolution of 64×48 pixels, a mono-color (White) passive matrix micro OLED display controlled by an SSD1306 display driver chip. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) is a flat light-emitting technology developed by placing a series of thin organic films between two conductors. By applying electricity, a bright light starts emitting. Because of not requiring a backlight and their structure nature, OLED displays are thinner, more transparent, more colorful, with higher contrast, have wider viewing angles, and are more efficient than other LCDs and displays. This display series utilizes an ultra-thin COG structure, which notes that no backlight elimination is needed. So, it is a lightweight LCD with low power consumption. Their response time is faster than other LCDs. 

0.66″ oled display

Diagonal Screen Size0.66inch
Model numberGME6448-01
Outline dimension18.46×18.10×1.45mm
Active area13.42 × 10.06mm
Pixel pitch0.21 × 0.21mm
Pixel size0.19 × 0.19mm
Driver ICSSD1306
Interface8-bit Parallel, 4-wire SPI, IIC
Operating temperature-40~70℃
Storge Temperature-40~80℃

Drawing(0.66″ oled)

Pin Assignment(Pins:28P)

0.66 inch OLED 64×48 SSD1315 GME6448-01 Datasheet

Display Test Code

0.66 Inch OLED Display Test Code.c

64×48 SSD1315 GME6448-01 Program.hex


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