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0.5 Inch OLED 88×48 CH1115 GME8848-01

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The micro OLED display, measuring a mere 0.5″ and as tiny as a grown-up’s fingernail, is a marvel of technology. It offers unparalleled readability with a screen brightness of 450cd/m^2 and an incredibly high contrast. What’s more, it boasts 88×48 independent white OLED pixels that the driver chip can control individually, allowing for the display of any images and words. And the best part? This OLED display is self-illuminating, a unique feature that enhances its readability and eliminates the need for a backlight, significantly reducing power consumption and reassuring you of its energy efficiency.

Using the micro OLED display is a seamless experience. It supports the I2C interface (Default setting ),enabling direct connection to an Arduino Micro without needing a PCB layout. Its compatibility extends beyond Arduino, allowing you to wire it to other microcontrollers like the STM, 51 series, and more. This user-friendly and versatile nature makes it an ideal choice for DIYers and pro-engineers alike, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of your projects.

We will specifically emphasize that we only produce PMOLED, which is the standard type.Factory prices with inventory are waiting for you.

Product Sample Video

Product parameter

Diagonal Screen Size0.5" inch oled display screen
Color typeMonochrome
Model numberGME8848-01
Driver ICCH1115
InterfaceIIC /I2C
Outline dimension(mm)8.928x17.1x1.227
Active area(mm)6.124x11.244
Pixel pitch(mm)0.108x0.108
Pixel size(mm)0.128x0.128
Operating temperature-40~85℃
Storge Temperature-55~125℃

Drawing(0.5 inch OLED)

drawing(0.5 inch oled)

Pin Assignment(0.5 inch OLED)

Pin-0.5 inch oled

0.5 inch 88×48 Pixels OLED Display Panel Datasheet

Interfacing and Demo Code-GME8848-01

GME8848-01 Interfacing and Demo Code


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