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2.42 inch OLED Display Module 128×64 SPD0301 GME12864-102

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2.4/2.42″ white oled display module

Diagonal Screen Size2.4/2.42inch
Model numberGME12864-102
Outline dimension62×39.8×3.8mm
Active area55.01×27.49mm
Pixel pitch0.23×0.23mm
Pixel size0.21×0.21mm
Driver ICSPD0301/SSD1309
Operating temperature-30~70℃
Storge Temperature-40~80℃

Drawing(2.42″ oled display module)

Drawing(2.42 inch oled display module)

Pin Assignment(2.4/2.42″ module,Pins:7P)

Pin Assignment(2.4-2.42 inch module,Pins 7P)


SPD0301 is a single-chip CMOS OLED/PLED driver with a built-in controller designed for organic/polymer light-emitting diode dot-matrix graphic display systems. This IC supports displays with 128 segments and 64 commons, specifically for Common Cathode type OLED panels.

The SPD0301 integrates various features, including contrast control, display RAM, and an oscillator, which helps reduce the need for external components and lowers power consumption. Additionally, it offers 256-step brightness control. Data and commands are communicated from a general microcontroller unit (MCU) through a hardware-selectable interface that includes 6800/8080 series compatible Parallel Interface, I2C interface, or Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).

Datasheet GME12864-102


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