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128×64 Graphic LCD Display ST7567 GM12864-03B White On Blue

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What is ST7567?

The ST7567 is a single-chip dot matrix LCD driver known for its integration and versatility. It combines an LCD controller with drivers and connects easily to microprocessors. It can use an 8-bit parallel interface or a 4-line serial interface (SPI-4) for various microcontroller setups. It has an internal storage for data sent by the microprocessor, ensuring precise rendering on the 65×132-bit LCD panel. With 132 segment-outputs, 64 common-outputs, and 1 icon-common-output, it offers extensive control. It also has a built-in circuit and power-efficient design, reducing the need for an external clock or power source, resulting in an eco-friendly and streamlined display system. Whether used in consumer electronics or industrial applications, the ST7567 excels in display technology, offering integration, versatility, and energy efficiency.

128×64  lcd display

Diagonal Screen Size12864
Colorwhite words on blue background
Model numberGM12864-03B
Outline dimension40.6x32.4mm
Active area33.25x20.45mm
viewing direction6 o'clock
Driver ICST7567
LCD driving voltage9V
Operating temperature-10~60℃
Storge Temperature-20~70℃

Drawing(128×64 lcd display)

Drawing(128x64 lcd display)

RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)GM12864-03B


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