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Graphic LCD Display

PictureDiagonal Screen SizeModel numberResolutionsColorOutline
Active area
Viewing directionDriver ICInterfaceOperating temperatureStorge TemperatureAssemblePins
128x64 Graphic LCD Display ST7567 GM12864-03B White On Blue128×64GM12864-03B128x64White words on blue backlight40.6x32.433.25x20.456 o'clockST7567SPI-10~60℃-20~70℃Soldering9P
128x128 Graphic LCD Display UC1617S GM128128-06A Black On Grey128×128GM128128-06A128x128black words on gray background49.0x55.0x4.146x44.56 o'clockUC1617SIIC0~50℃-10~60℃Soldering14P
160x160 Graphic LCD Display UC1698U GM160160-03C2 Black On Grey160×160GM160160-03C2160x160black words on Gray background74.8x72.5x2.054.38x54.386 o'clockUC1698USPI-20~70℃-30~80℃Soldering30P
Graphic LCD Display

Goldenmorning is a leading professional manufacturer of Character and Graphic LCD displays. Our graphic LCD displays come in dot matrix format with a range of graphic resolutions, including 128×64, 128×128, , 160×128, 160×160, , 160×80, 192×64, 192×128, 240×64, 320×240, and more. We offer a wide selection of sizes.
At Goldenmorning, LED backlights are available in various vibrant colors such as yellow/green, white, blue and red.
Our extensive range of LCD graphic displays caters to diverse needs, combining various backlight and LCD type combinations. Goldenmorning’s graphic LCDs find applications in a wide array of industries, including instrument and machinery equipment, electrical home appliances, consumer electronics, white goods, POS systems, home applications, industrial instruments, automation, audio/visual display systems, and medical devices.
Explore our selection of Graphic LCD displays and monochrome graphics, designed to meet the highest industry standards and elevate your display solutions to the next level.


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