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Full Color Oled Display

Full Color Oled Display

Goldenmorning takes pride in offering a remarkable range of Full Color OLED Glass Displays, designed to ignite your creativity with an array of captivating colors. With seven exceptional OLEDs, available in sizes from 0.95″,0.96″,1.1″,1.27″,1.45″,1.5″, 1.69″ and 1.77″, our displays cater to diverse application needs. Small OLEDs dazzle with an impressive 65k colors, while larger ones elevate the visual experience with a stunning 262k colors.

Vibrant and Vivid: Experience a feast for the eyes with our Full Color OLED Glass Displays. Boasting vibrant colors and crystal-clear images, these displays will captivate your audience and add a touch of brilliance to your projects.
Unparalleled Performance: Goldenmorning’s OLED Glass Displays offer a high contrast rate, ensuring crisp and detailed visuals with deep blacks and bright whites. The absence of a backlight further enhances the clarity and sleekness of the display.
Rapid Response, Wide Perspectives: With lightning-fast response times and wide viewing angles, our OLED Glass Displays deliver smooth and immersive visuals from virtually any angle, making them perfect for handheld devices and wearables.

PictureDiagonal Screen SizeColor typeModel numberResolutionsColorOutline dimension(mm)Active area(mm)Pixel pitch
Pixel size
Driver ICInterfaceOperating temperatureStorge TemperatureAssemblePins
0.96-Inch-Full-Color-OLED-Display-64x128-SSD1357-GME64128-050.96Full ColorGME64128-0564x12865K14.86x28.4x1.0210.8623x21.7360.0567x0.170.0327x0.146SSD13578-bit Parallel,
4-wire SPI
1.1-Inch-Full-Color-OLED-Display-96x96-SSD1351-GME9696-011.1Full ColorGME9696-0196x9665K25.8x48.1x1.22720.135x20.140.07x0.210.045x0.19SSD13518-bit Parallel,
4-wire SPI
1.45-Inch-Full-Color-OLED-Display-160x128-SEPS525-GME160128-031.45Full ColorGME160128-03160x128262K35.8x30.8x1.728.78x23.0240.06x0.180.04x0.164SEPS5258-bit Parallel,
4-wire SPI

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